April 28, 2013

Soccer Saturday

Good Sunday Morning!

We had a VERY busy Saturday this weekend. 
We left our house a Seven Dark Thirty to hit up a HUGE yard sale happening here in town.

We even found a couple great buys...
Their junk is our treasure!

We ending up with a Little Tikes swing set, a very gently used North Face jacket, and a kids play kitchen with tons of play food and dishes; spending less than $60! Can't beat that. 

We then headed off to Maci's soccer game. It was so fun! 
This kid can hustle!

The girls (age 7) finally got their first two goals of the season...

Zoie gave Maci a congratulatory hug...

Then everyone celebrated with cupcakes...

And Zoie finished off my hot chocolate!

It was a great afternoon of soccer!

After that we had a game night with our cousins complete with beer and pizza.

See... a very busy Saturday!
I wonder what our Sunday is going to give us?!?


April 25, 2013

A Giveaway Link and a Happy Birthday

Good Morning Friends and New Followers!
I am so excited this morning! 
For 3 reasons...

One is because we have a big outing planned today. Zoie and I are meeting our friend Jessica and her new baby Jameson for a walk around our local lake. Living where we do in the Pacific Northwest, we are surrounded by beautiful lakes and rivers. 

We are incredibly lucky enough to live less than 5 miles from Bear Lake. It's a small lake... and you better rinse off if you go in it. But it's a wonderful walk. We're hitting the trail later this morning and I can't wait to get out in the sunshine (since we actually have sunshine) and get our butts moving!

The second thing I am SUPER EXCITED for is a giveaway 
happening RIGHT NOW over at 

We are thrilled to be a part of this giveaway!
So get on over and enter for your chance to win a $25 shop credit from Chasing Zoie, along with LOTS of other great prizes!

Hope you're all having a Happy Thursday!

And lastly...
I want to send out a big Happy Birthday to my Little Brother!
Happy Birthday Spuddly Butt! Welcome to your late 20's!


April 24, 2013

Good Wednesday

It is a beautiful day here in our little neck of the woods.
The sun is shining!
The birds are chirping!
The deer are out eating my flowers... :(
Oh well... comes with the territory.

This morning we got the puppies out in the grass to play and take a few pics. They are so funny!
I could chill with them for hours. We're going to be so sad when the go to their new families next weekend. I can't believe the time has already come. 
The new families are all so very excited! I know I would be.

I'm most worried about Zoie though. To say she loves the puppies is a complete understatement.
She LOVES them!
She walks around the house yelling "Puppies" "Puppies"
It's gonna break her little heart when they go. Maybe we should keep one... there is still one unspoken for... hmmmmm...


April 23, 2013

Tip-Toeing Through the Tulips

I've always wanted to go walk through the tulips fields in the Spring. 
For years, I've looked a pictures of beautiful fields of tulips and dafodils in fields that seem to go on as far as you can see. To see that in person would be remarkable.

Last weekend we were finally able to make it over to the west side of the state during the time when everything there is in bloom. We were more excited than you could imagine. The whole way there was spent hoping that the rain would hold off and we could take a walk through the flowers.

We ended up getting very lucky because the rain came out for a short couple of hours. We should have know to bring our rain boots (which I know to bring next year). 

We didn't get to walk out in the fields because our Toms would not have fared well in the 6 inches of mud, but we did get to walk through the gardens and drive by the fields and it was beautiful. Better than I could have imagined it to be. 

We hope you enjoy these pictures.
The girls can't wait to go back with their boots on next year!

On another note:
Did you see that I changed the name of the blog?
From now on we'll be known as
Chasing Zoie

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April 16, 2013


Recently, a friend of mine, put a beautiful pic of her daughter on her photography business Facebook page. In the pic her daughter was only wearing underwear. Keep in mind that she is two.

Shortly after she received an email from someone stating how inappropriate the picture was.

I was dumbstruck. It was a beautiful picture. In my opinion there was nothing distasteful about it. She took it down to make the person happy.

Here's my point... And my question...

Is it wrong that in retaliation I want to post a naked pic of Zoie?!?

April 14, 2013

Driving Over the Pass

Last night we made a drive that we have made probably 100 times. T least, I have probably made it at least 100 times in my life. Only this time, it was totally different.

The dive from Spokane to Seattle, across the state of Washington, typically takes about four or four and a half hours depending on traffic an potty breaks. On this trip we decided to make a stop for fuel in Moses Lake and since we were there decided to also grab a quick bite to eat.

After our stop, we got back on the road and made it to about Cle Elum when the snow started. Ugh... I hate seeing snow in April. At the top of Snoqualmie Pass, which is the pass over the Cascades, we witnessed a slide off and a truck hit cut of a car, which in turn hit a car that was stopped by a State Patrol officer on the side of the road. That parked car nearly ran over the officer standing next to it, but luckily he jumped out of the way. Within 2 miles if that accident, the freeway was closed because of severe snow, several slide offs, and avalanche control.

We sat in the middle of the freeway for a little more than three hours waiting to move again.

Our typical four hour trip ended up taking us nearly nine hours. If we hadn't stopped for dinner we would have missed that closure. But like all things in life, hind-sight is twenty-twenty.

More tomorrow on our visit to the Skagit County Tulip Festival. It was gorgeous. Tulips as far as you can see.

April 8, 2013

Making Mommy Friends

Good Morning!
A lot on my mind as I guzzle my coffee this morning.
Thinking about my friends and my mommy friends.

Does anyone else often find it difficult to find and hang on to mommy friends?
I have my school friends,
and my long time friends, 
and my family friends...

but lately it seems hard to find other mommy friends.

I recently joined a couple of mommy and me groups here in my area and have found it difficult to bond with anyone. 

The first group I joined had several prissy moms that were not very welcoming. Although some moms were great! It was difficult to attend meetings where I knew the other rude moms would be.
The second group I joined was a little more receptive to new moms joining, but most of the meeting are at least a 30 minute drive to us to attend.
Then I have MOPs. I love MOPs! I've reconnected with several great mom friends that I knew in high school through this group and it is by far my favorite. It did though, take me a while to open up and make any connections with other moms.

Sometimes I get into these social situations and I get shy and have a hard time connecting with people. 
Sometimes, like (I hope) other people, I just don't know what to say or talk about.

One of my problems is our schedule. For being a stay-at-home mama, we sure are busy. I find it hard to make plans with other moms in my area. It's been difficult finding that 'Long Lasting' relationship that I am looking for.

Anyone have any suggestions?
I think today, I am going to call someone and see if they want to meet and go for a walk. I can definitely use some exercise and I'd like to think there are other moms out there needing the same thing.


April 5, 2013

Quick Spring Break Recap

It has been a crazy couple of weeks around the Ziegler Farm. 
I say farm, cause with the addition of our now 3 week old puppies... it's feeling a little farm-ish around here.

We just got home Tuesday night from a much needed visit to my parents place in Phoenix. Talk about needing some sunshine and good weather... this mama was in short supply of happy and the fresh air and Arizona sunshine was just what the doctor ordered. 

We celebrated Easter with my parents on Saturday morning. 

We hunted eggs and had a nice family brunch. 

We then spent Saturday afternoon making the quick drive down to Tucson so Ryleigh could visit with her grandparents from her mom's side for a while.

The whole week was filled with spending time with sunshine.

Couldn't keep this kid out of the water. 
Fearless is a total understatement!

Some In-N-Out Burger.
Ry loved the fries and this was Zoie's first cheeseburger that she actually ate.

And 3 seasons of The Walking Dead.
Which Zach and I both love... currently having some serious #ZombieWithdrawals


LOVE these people! Can't wait for Season 4!!

Who am I kidding?!?! We love these Zombies too!

Being back home is nice. The puppies doubled in size the week we were gone.

We'll be back on track this week. 
Hope you all are having a great Spring Break!