January 30, 2015

Stay Tuned...

Things have been slow around here.
For that I apologize. 

I am in the process of changing my blog over to WordPress.

As early as next week my blog and shop will be combined at www.chasingzoie.com

Stayed tuned and you will see some big changes around here!

Don't go away...

January 21, 2015

Shooting Manual

My husband got me a new DSLR Nikon for Christmas.

When I found out how much he paid for it, I figured I owed it to him (and myself) to learn how to properly use it. 

I just took a class with my good friend, Emily, 
You NEED to go check out her work.
She takes BEAUTIFUL pictures.

And if you are ever on the island of Oahu, 
do yourself a favor and book a session!
Emily was so patient in teaching me what I needed to know to switch from shooting 'auto' to 'manual'. 
I can't be more thankful to her. 
I am just starting out... and I know I need more practice.
But here's my first "OK" shot of the day.

Aside from needing more practice shooting, I need to also learn how to edit properly.
Anyone have any suggestions on editing software?
There are so many to choose from, I'm currently using the free version of Picassa, but I know there is WAY better out there.

How do you shoot?
I'd love some tips.

January 15, 2015

50 Dates in 2015 - Date 1

Not only are we two weeks behind on starting our #50datesin2015


We've been so busy that I didn't plan a single thing.

So last night,
because Zoie wanted to hang out with her Yaya,
and because I finally had an afternoon that wasn't packed full, 
and because I talked Zach into taking the afternoon off,

We went to dinner and a movie.
Our usually stand-by.

We did manage go to a different restaurant than our normal.
Here in Spokane we have this great Italian place called Tomato Street.
It is the only place I know of where I can quite literally stuff my face for 15 full minutes and still have a heaping plate of food.

Amazing Pasta!
I always have lots left over to take home.
Which is perfect, because good italian food is always better the next day.

I also have to give props to my husband for sitting through Into the Woods.
I thought it was spectacular...
he just heard singing.

I do already have some things up my sleeve for our next few dates.

Do you date your husband?
What kind of things do you like to do together?
Or are you stuck in a "Dinner and a Movie" rut like us?

I'd love to hear your ideas.

January 4, 2015

2015 Bucket List

Not only am I going to work toward living up to my WORD this year, but I have also created the perfect buckets list for myself. 

This isn't something I usually do. I often have ideas of how things should go, but rarely do I write them down. I hope that this year, by writing these things down, and throwing them out there for all the internet to read, it will give me something to strive for. Someone and something to hold me accountable. 

So here it is.

My 2015 Bucket List

1.Go on AT LEAST 50 dates with my husband.

2. Two weekend trips without kids.

3. See the Grand Canyon.

4. Visit Kristine in Utah!

5. Run/Walk a 5K.

6. Take Zoie to swim in the warm Ocean.

7. 8 Year Anniversary Trip with my Husband.

8. Complete at least 26 crafts or DIYs.

9. Make my garden bigger and better.

10. Start a compost bin.

11. Start a yoga regimin.

12. Once a week have a dinner and game night with the kids.

13. Spend more time with my grandparents.

14. 21st Birthday trip for Ariana.

2015 is going to be the best year yet!
(Lots of wishing and hoping included)

Now that this is all written out for people to see, I might create a list for the seasons and for certain times of the year. Just little goals to set for myself and my family. This list includes lots of travel which means lots of work at home to get prepared. 

What are your plans?

Do you have a bucket list?
If so, I'd love to hear or read about what your plans are.

January 2, 2015

One Little Word - 2015

One of my dearest friends, Kristine, from The Foley Fam taught me something today without even knowing it. 

For years she's been choosing a word for herself to live up to. For a whole year she strives to be what this word is and let it teach her. Kristine's
 word for 2015 is 'Nurture'. You can read all about her word and what it means to her HERE.

I've never particiated in having "One Little Word" before. Though my life has recently showed me that I need a word for the year. 
I am SO THANKFUL to Kristine for reminding me.

You see, I haven't been the best I can be lately. I think part of it comes with depression, something that has been a great struggle in my life for many years. 

Lately, I seem to have lost my Happy.
So for 2015 I chose a word that spoke to me.
A word that will get me through the good times and the bad.

My word is SMILE.

I seem to have lost my smile lately.
I don't know when or where,
but it's been harder and harder to find.

Several years ago, I needed this same word to be a reminder to me. I even went so far as to tattoo it on my arm. If anyone else has ever dealt with depression or feeling sad, this is a word that I often need to be reminded of.

It seems lately, that I need the reminder now, more than ever.
I need to remember to be happier.
I need to remember to go with the flow.
I need to remember to be more nurturing and less harsh.
This word is all of those things for me.

It's easy to remember to smile when life is going well. When things are going your way and you think, "Life doesn't get much better than this."

It's easy to smile when you are so blissfully happy.

It's not so easy to smile when life feels hard.

When you feel sad.

When things just don't seem to be happy. 

Even when things are going really well, and something just doesn't feel right.


I am going to do my best to live up to my word this year.
Through everything life throws at me.

No matter what!

Like Nat King Cole sang to us:

"You'll find life is still worthwhile,
If you just smile."

So I am going to remember to:
Just smile!

With this little reminder, 2015 is going to be better than ever!

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