May 30, 2013

Growing Girl

I think my girl is growing!
To say "It's About Time" is a complete and total #Understatement!

This kiddo has weighed in at barely 20 pounds since she was 8 months old.
While she continues to grow taller, she just gets thinner and thinner.

#Iwish #Ifonlyitworkedthatwayforme

Over the last two days, Zoie has slept anywhere from 12 to 14 hours at night.
Taken 4 hour naps.

Eaten 3 helpings of spaghetti in one sitting.

Ate a whole PBJ by herself.

Finished 2 packets of instant oatmeal.
#Seriously #whohastimefortherealstuff

And ate a HUGE plate of taco filling.

And that doesn't count all of her other meals and snacks!
Normally this kid eats like a bird.
A bite here...
A bite there...

We were starting to wonder how she was surviving??
But a few days ago a switch flipped.
And now she is our big eater.

I haven't weighed her because our scale is broken.
Which honestly doesn't hurt my feelings AT ALL.

But I know she's growing.
She'll be 25 pounds in no time.

19 Months old next week!


May 29, 2013

A Cling-On and a Car Chase

Good Wednesday Morning!

I forgot it was Wednesday! Thank goodness for calendar reminders cause I would have forgotten a lot this morning. Always something to do.

So last night, Zach and I made it away from the house, without children!
It was great... sort of.

Poor Zoie started crying as soon as Sarah (Our wonderful neighbor and babysitter) walked in the house. Zoie usually LOVES Sarah. 
It was heartbreaking to leave her behind. 

Zach and I don't usually leave any of the kids a lot. For the last ten years, I can probably count on two hands the number of times we've left the kids with a babysitter. You're probably saying, "What??" I know, I know... But when we only had the big kids for weekends, why would we leave them with a sitter. It's always been important for us to spend time with our kids. Isn't that why we have them? To be a family? Together?

Don't get me wrong... I am ALL FOR a Mommy and Daddy night out!
Just not all the time.

So last night, we really wanted to see a movie.
It's been months since we went to a movie... alone... without kids.
Needless to say, Zoie was not thrilled with being left behind.

Zoie started crying and poor Sarah hasn't dealt with that side of her before.  She screamed for Mama. She screamed for Dada. She screamed
 and screamed 
and screamed.

And I became that mom! 
You know the one. The lady in the theater with the cell phone tucked under her coat. Texting and not watching the movie we just paid $11.50 for.
I hate that lady!
Not my proudest moment.
This time, it was me texting.
Ignoring my giant cup of Diet Strawberry Fanta.
Ignoring my Reeces Pieces.
Ignoring the movie.

I know.

Poor Zoie...
Dinner didn't work.
The bath didn't work.
But finally,
after about 45 minutes and 1/2 of the move, the texting stopped as Sarah took Zoie outside for a walk with Ziva.  

And then it started up again.
She locked herself out of the house!
Don't be alarmed... It's easy to do!
We have one of those door knobs that still turns on the inside, even when it's locked on the outside. In fact, locking herself out of our house is how my mother met Sarah in the first place.

In this instance, Sarah was lucky that Ari, my step daughter, was only a mile away and able to come to her rescue.
And we were able to catch the end of the movie without any further interruption.

I have come to realize though, that we have entered that stage of Zoie's life.
A little thing I like to call, the "Cling-On" stage.
All of you moms should know exactly what this is. The time in a toddlers life where your little one wants everything to do with you and nothing to do with anyone else. 

How do/did you deal with your "Cling-on"? 

As for the movie:
Not Bad!
Not the best of the franchise.
Pretty sure Michelle Rodriguez has had work done.
Irritating when they don't look the same...

Can't wait for the next one!
You know there will be a next one!


May 28, 2013

Memorial Weekend 2013

I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend!
Did you get your 'Thanks' in where they were needed?

We spent a lovely weekend with the girls and my niece, Maci, camping in Montana.
Well, I don't know if any of you would call it 'real' camping?!?
We camped in a trailer... In an RV park... With wifi and cable tv... 
Pathetic ... I know.

Well, not completely pathetic. We still do all our cooking and eating outside.I just like having a real bathroom and a shower only steps away from our camp site. 
And I like sleeping in a bed and not on the ground :)

This weekend we ventured over to Flathead Lake in Montana.
If any of you have not been here; it is BEAUTIFUL country.

Here are a few pics of our family and some things we saw.

Two Bull Buffalo (Bison) 
or Tatonka (If you ask my husband who is obsessed with Kevin Costner films)

Baby Buffalo
Mama was not far away from this little one.

Views from the TOP of the Bison Range.

Views of the Kerr Dam

The Kerr Dam separates Flathead Lake from the Flathead River.

Our family, before we conquered the 354 steps down to the viewing point.
*It wasn't as hard as people made it sound coming back up (wink)

View of Flathead Lake from Highway 93 on the drive into Polson, MT.

Some ranchers were moving their herd from one field to another.
Something you don't see very often these days.
Very Cool! 

Well, that was our trip in a nutshell.
The rest of our time was spent eating ice cream, swimming, riding bikes, and relaxing.
Couldn't have been a more perfect weekend.


May 22, 2013

A (Late) Weekend Recap

This last weekend was so busy for me and my little family, that it didn't even end until Monday night at 9!
We have 'Weekends' like that a lot around here.

Our weekend invovled, mowing the lawn, weeding the garden, grocery shopping, making s'mores, and driving about 650 miles in two days. Needless to say, it was a crazy weekend and I was beat by the end.

Zoie had her first S'more! So Fun!!
Last summer she wasn't quite old enough to enjoy one on her own. 
So this time, we went all out.
I usually buy the chocolate covered graham crackers instead of regular ones and chocolate bars. The chocolate melts so much easier and its much easier to bite into.

She LOVED them!

How can you NOT take a HUGE bite of marshmallow?!?!

Next time, I am definitely giving her one with a peanut butter cup!
It's heaven in a graham cracker!

Yesterday should have been a day to rest and get caught up on a few other chores around the house, but of course, my husband made an appointment for my car to get aligned.  

So I was up again at the crack of dawn getting kids ready for school and Zoie ready for the day.

After dropping my car at the station,  Zoie and I walked a few blocks to Starbucks to enjoy a drink while we waited for Zach to pick us up.

After Zach picked us up, he had to run a few errands.
Zoie was super excited to see that one of his stops was across the street from a slide.
Zoie LOVES to slide.

So... Maybe today I'll get those chores done...
Maybe not...


May 17, 2013

My Little Blog

I have struggled for a long time with my blog. Struggled with what to write and who to write about. 
Struggled with who I am writing for. 

I've thought night and day about who I should be on my blog.

I've decided that I should continue to be myself. 
I am who I am!
I am me!

This blog is about me and my family.
It is a way for me to share with friends and family what is going on in our life. A way to show what we have going on in our world. 

I have pretty high expectations for myself and my little blog. 
Sometimes I think they are unreasonably high expectations.

I keep trying to keep up with everyone blogging around me. 
That is the wrong reason for me to blog.

I read a lot of blogs by many wonderful women showing people, crafts,  cooking, and things in their shops. 

I am just me and my family. 
Yes, I have a shop. A little shop that really isn't doing that well. Maybe because I don't blog like other bloggers. Maybe not.  I may never know.

But from this day forward I am going to stop blogging for other people. 
I'm going to get back to blogging for myself.
For my family!

I want this to be an account of our lives, so that 10 years from now, Zoie can look back and see all the wonderful things we took her to see. All the amazing people that loved her. The childhood that she had. 
An account of her life to look back on. 

That is what this blog is really about!
My Family!

I hope you all understand and continue to follow. 


May 9, 2013

Sewing Seeds

Good Morning Lovelies!

We have had a busy week here at the Ziegler house.
The weather has been Ah-Mazing!!

Normally this time of year the temps are in the low 70's and we're scrambling to get outside between rain storms. This year though, we've had 80+ degree temps for nearly two weeks. 

Nice weather makes me One. Happy. Mama.
The weather has even been nice enough for me to plant my garden.
I love working in the garden, it's quite therapeutic.
Normally I can't plant for another week or so, but since the weather has been so nice we have jumped the gun a little. I hope it wasn't too soon.Hopefully this won't be one of those years where we get snow in June.

As of right now though... I have faith that things are going to be nice from here on out.
At least until October.
So we're good. 

I got my hair cut and colored. 
First time since November.
To say I needed a trim and a color is a complete and total understatement.
I went a little darker and tried for the 'Ombre' look.
My 'trim' turned into about 4 inches... eek.
But it turned out so good I took a selfie on the way home from the salon. 
I never do that.

Tomorrow I am packing for a our first camping trip of the year. 
Headed out early for Central Washington. Going to the woods above Wenatchee.
Can't Wait!

We only have 2 puppies left and they are both leaving us tomorrow.
It is sad to see them all go.
But it will be nice to have my garage back.

Hope you all are enjoying the weather where you live.
Can't get much better than what we have here. It is pretty perfect.


May 2, 2013

Upcoming Weekend

We have a sad weekend coming up.
Not  sad in the way that we won't make it through. 
Just sad...

The puppies are going to their new homes starting today.
We sure are going to miss them.
Zoie will miss them the most. She LOVES them!
It will be sad to see them go. But I know they are going to good homes.

Hopefully her daddy will get her play center built in the back yard soon so she will  have something to distract her. She sure loves to slide.

Other than losing our babies... Maci has another soccer game on Saturday.
They've asked me to take the team pics... I'm really not a photographer so I can use all the luck I can get on this one!