August 18, 2011

ETC - August 18

Today is the day to Embrace the Camera.
So I am Embracing the Bump.
My 28 Week Bump Shot!

My good friend Courtney, over at Small Beginnings Photography took this in a last minute 'Mini-Shoot' for me. I couldn't be more thrilled. She does such a wonderful job.

Head on over and visit Em to share your photos.
Don't forget how important it is to take pics of yourself... even if you don't like them; your kids will thank you one day.

August 17, 2011

Our Adventure Home

After our long 4 days in San Francisco...

We arrived at the airport for our stand-by flight home from San Francisco on Thursday Afternoon. After getting through security and waiting for the flight, the plane finally arrived and much to our dismay started filling up quickly... With only 6 seats available for us 'Stand-by' travelers we were a little nervous that we wouldn't make the flight.

Then the call came in... My dad had just checked the loads for the flight from Phoenix to Spokane and it was FULLY BOOKED!  AHHH! Which was a bummer all in itself... except our current flight we were sitting there waiting on filled up at the last minute...

We were stranded!

So what did we do? Well, If you can't get home for a couple days...

Why not jump on a flight to Vegas!!

So we did! We were able to get on a flight from San Francisco to Las Vegas without any problems and ended up spending two nights there. What a fun weekend! After a Fun Week!

Zach and I in the Bellagio Garden

August 16, 2011

My Birthday Week

What better way to celebrate my 31st birthday than a last minute trip to San Francisco.
I can't believe it has come and gone so fast. We had an amazing time, I wish we were still on vacation.

We essentially started our trip on Sunday evening. Flying stand-by with my mom's flight benefits always has me worried. At about 8:30 on Sunday night, my dad checked the flight loads for me and there was going to be no way we would make it out of town. [Insert Panic Mode] After an hour or so of searching prices online, we ending up buying a one-way ticket instead of taking the chance on flying stand-by.

So we finally made it out of town at 830 Monday morning. It was an easy flight without complications.

Monday's arrival to San Francisco was beautiful. I have never been there and was very impressed with everything. I am very big on traveling and seeing everything that I can, so of course I pushed myself to visit and see everything.

Fisherman's Wharf:

 Pier 39
  Rode the Trolleys

Took and Bay Cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge to see Alcatraz. (Who knew you had to book an Alcaatraz tour - 6 Weeks in Advance). So we were only able to see it from the water.

 A bus tour of the city to see all the sites from a double-decker bus

Ghiradelli Square

Overall we had an amazing time and I can't wait to visit again. I may have pushed myself a little too hard when my feet looked like this on the second evening:

I probably should have rested a little more often :)

More on our trip home later...