December 13, 2010

Pig Killer

That is me ... I hate to admit it ... but I am a killer of pigs.

I have recently acquired a Verizon Droid X. My FAVORITE phone ever!
With this phone (along with the additional costs of having it) I have found apps.

There are apps for everything. I found a kindle app to read my books, a recipe app to find new things to try for dinner, and I even found an app that holds all my store card information. You wouldn't believe the room I now have in my purse and wallet.
It's sickening :)

But of all the apps that I have downloaded... my favorite is Angry Birds.
Have you played it yet?

I can't believe how addicting this is. You shoot birds across the screen to knock over blocks and kill pigs. I dont' know if it is just my addictive personality ...

But I . Can't . Stop . Playing .

Even right now it is all I can think about... I'm supposed to be working.
Working on the next level ;) 

You can even buy the birds and pigs as stuffed animals... is that taking it too far??
I think not!
Check out : Shop Angry Birds They are Super Cute!

If you haven't found this game yet, don't get it ...
unless you plan to be like me and somehow have time to spend the next two weeks playing only this game (which I don't).
Oh... and don't plan on getting any work done :) 

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