August 18, 2011

ETC - August 18

Today is the day to Embrace the Camera.
So I am Embracing the Bump.
My 28 Week Bump Shot!

My good friend Courtney, over at Small Beginnings Photography took this in a last minute 'Mini-Shoot' for me. I couldn't be more thrilled. She does such a wonderful job.

Head on over and visit Em to share your photos.
Don't forget how important it is to take pics of yourself... even if you don't like them; your kids will thank you one day.


  1. You look STUNNING Kara!!! WOW 28 week bump!!! She's coming fast!!!! How are you feeling?? Looking forward to catching up on your blog! Yay you for blogging :)))

  2. You look precious with your baby bump!!

  3. That is such a nice photo! It's so great when you can get those perfect shots of yourself when you really feel like they represent who you are!

  4. You look amazing. what a great photo!

  5. You look amazing, my beautiful daughter. And the glow has appeared!