January 1, 2012

Today is the day

Today was the day to started my diet. I am taking responsibility for my actions (which consists of eating way to much and having a baby). It is time for me to start making a change.

My goal is to lose 46 pounds. I hate to admit where I currently am ... but I am stuck at the current weight of 186. Now... before you spit your milk out of your nose, relax... I am 5'8". So really (at least in my mind) I am not THAT over-weight. I am telling you all this because it will help me to lose the weight. There is no way I want to stay where I am. If you all know my weight now, it will feel great to tell you when that number starts to shrink.

Here's the plan:

The Belly Fat Cure



I didn't get any kind of exercise in today, we went house hunting instead :)

But I did pretty well on my diet.
So far today, I have had 1 sugar serving, 3 carb servings, and dinner is slated to score a whopping: 0 Sugars/0Carbs. So I am on the right track! I also heard from my Momma that there is a new cook book at Costco. So now you all know where I'll be tomorrow.  I will also be headed to the gym to see when they will accept Zoie into the nursery so I can get my Work-Out on. For those of you that didn't know, it is very cold here. It's hard to run in the freezing cold.

Wish me Luck!
I'm going to need it!

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