September 18, 2013

It's Wednesday?? Right?!?

Good Morning Friends!
We've been getting back in gear and trying to get settled after our weeks vacation away.

Zach and I went on an Alaska Cruise!
With no kids...
It was heaven!!

(Forgive the poor quality of the phone pic.)

I have a lot to share about our trip and the amazing things we saw. 
However, we are SO disorganized right now I can't even find my camera card. It's a lot of work getting caught up with all of these businesses we have going. 

Going away is a HUGE blessing.
Returning home is a HUGE stress.
(I'm sure some of you can relate)

On another note:
I recently made some ADORABLE reversible dresses for the cutie girls over at The Foley Fam!
These girls are Packer Fans if I ever saw them.
Green and Gold!
Go Pack!!

Please contact me for your custom reversible dress!


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