May 30, 2013

Growing Girl

I think my girl is growing!
To say "It's About Time" is a complete and total #Understatement!

This kiddo has weighed in at barely 20 pounds since she was 8 months old.
While she continues to grow taller, she just gets thinner and thinner.

#Iwish #Ifonlyitworkedthatwayforme

Over the last two days, Zoie has slept anywhere from 12 to 14 hours at night.
Taken 4 hour naps.

Eaten 3 helpings of spaghetti in one sitting.

Ate a whole PBJ by herself.

Finished 2 packets of instant oatmeal.
#Seriously #whohastimefortherealstuff

And ate a HUGE plate of taco filling.

And that doesn't count all of her other meals and snacks!
Normally this kid eats like a bird.
A bite here...
A bite there...

We were starting to wonder how she was surviving??
But a few days ago a switch flipped.
And now she is our big eater.

I haven't weighed her because our scale is broken.
Which honestly doesn't hurt my feelings AT ALL.

But I know she's growing.
She'll be 25 pounds in no time.

19 Months old next week!


1 comment:

  1. Shes so stinkin cute!!!! That krinkled nose gets me everytime. Maggie weighs 35 lbs now! Its crazy! Whats funnier is MiaPia is not far behind her ;)