July 18, 2012

Lost my shirt ...

I almost took my shirt off in Fred Meyer the other day. And not in the dressing room. Right smack in he middle of the camping supply aisle.

Here's what happened:
Something bit my back. I felt it, so Zach looked down the back of my shirt and didn't see anything. He didn't believe me actually. He thought I was losing it or imagining things.

Then ... it but me again! On the top of my back. By this point I was freaking out a little. But I couldn't just take my shirt off in the middle of the store. So ... I had Zach look again. And again he didn't see anything.

And then ... it bit me again on the middle of my back. So off the shirt went! Okay... Not all the way off. Only about 3/4 of the way. But far enough to get a show. Luckily no one was standing close enough to see anything (phew).

But I wasn't wrong, it was about this time a bug peeked out from near my bra clip and Zach finally saw it. So as I was wriggling in pain and fear (cause I had no idea what it was) and embarrassment; Zach was trying to get the bug off me and ... finally ... he did.

Stupid bug was little. I have no idea what it was. But it hurt! And it left red welts on the my back. I'm sure the security guards watching that got a little show. Oh well! Such is life :)

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