December 15, 2014

On The Road Again - Weekend in Review

We just had another weekend of traveling.
It's a wonder our home remembers who we are.
Sometimes I feel like we are away far more often than we are home. 

Good thing I like to travel.
Or that would make me sad.

This weekend we drove to Montana to spend some time with my step-daughter, Ryleigh and celebrate her 15th birthday. You can read about why we are visiting her in Montana here.

How can she be 15 already?
I honestly have no earthly idea where the time has gone. 
We celebrated by opening gifts at the hotel 
during continental breakfast.
Then had a delicious birthday dinner at
It was delicious and we stuffed ourselves.

We spend most of Saturday shopping some local shops in Kalispell while braving the unfortunate rain we encountered. It would have been lovely to have had some snow for our Northern Montana visit, but it just didn't work out. 

On Saturday, we also took the girls to see Penguins of Madagascar.
The girls really enjoyed it.

If you decide to see it this winter, all of you adults will enjoy hearing the hilarious way they use famous names in regular sentences. 
We laughed out loud! 

Sunday we made a short stop in Whitefish, Montana to walk through all of the beautiful small town shops. The view of the ski hill was absolutely gorgeous. 

Then we enjoyed a beautiful drive home.
Actually taking some time to stop and enjoy some of the view,

throw rocks in the river,

and listen to our echos off the resevoir walls by the Libby Damn.

A great weekend spent on the road with family.
I think we're well rested and ready for what Monday brings.


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