November 18, 2010

Embrace the Camera

This is my first entry into Embrace the Camera. I am never in front of the lense, always behind it. It is a rare occassion that I can get my husband to take the pictures.
Technically I am not the Momma here, but the step-Momma :) I don't kids of my own, but in my world, I have lots of important kiddos to love (and spoil).

This is Ariana, Ryleigh and Me. It wasn't taken today, we actually woke up to snow this morning. (I know... don't say that dirty four letter word YET) This was taken a few months ago at my parents home. I just love Ari's laughing face in this one.

Next week will be a new picture, I promise.


  1. beautiful girls! And I have to admit, I'd give almost anything to wake up to snow this morning!! Instead we're in t-shirts in So Cal!

  2. We really do love the snow, in another week it will be welcomed with open arms and hot chocolate. :)
    Thanks for the comment!

  3. such a sweet photo! welcome to embrace the camera!

  4. Lovely photo of you and the gals! Welcome to Embrace the Camera. It's lots of fun!