November 18, 2010

We've been padding our bras for years... butt...

Who knew there were pads out there for our bums?? I had never ever pondered this until...
While shopping last night with my Bestie, Sarah, we came across some pads of a lower nature while looking at bras and (Dare I say it... spanx).

This morning I looked online at these bum pads and have stumbled across an entire industry of bum lifters and pads for the "barely-there" bum and the "sagging" bum.

Now I know that if I ever need to add a little lift or bubble to my bum, I can visit Love my Bubbles. Where all my flat bum problems will be solved. Not that I need that anytime soon.

What I need at present is for someone to find a way to flatten my bum ... how do I do that without expensive, painful surgery??

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