August 7, 2012

32 Years Young

It's hard to believe this day has arrived.
Growing up I thought 30 was Soooo Olllld....
And now I've gone and passed it!

Back in the day, I was never gonna age.

I think this was my 10th birthday

30 can't be old if 32 isn't old.
You are only as old as you feel and I could still be 25 :)
It is a lot more fun watching my kiddos age than it is watching myself, but that is life and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Today I have a long list of nothing to accomplish... I wish
Who am I kidding? I still have the wedding to clean up after, some grocery shopping to do, lunch with my husband, those huckleberries aren't going to pick themselves, and a garden to weed.

Oh, and I still owe you a weekend update!
I'll get to it soon :)

Happy Tuesday

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