January 13, 2011

Embrace The Camera - Jan 13

We've been thinking a lot about Ryleigh these last few days.
Our house sure is quiet when she is at her Mom's house,
and we sure miss her when she is gone.

Here are a few photos of the Rooster-Ry.

Some of her and her dad...

And one with me....

Last Spring, we took Ryleigh to Phoenix.
We all needed a little trip away from the cold for a few days.
While there, Ryleigh was able to see her grandparents, Fred and Carla.

That's a little bit of Ryleigh this week!

Now hop on over to The Anderson Crew so you can embrace the camera with us.

See Ya~


  1. aww, i wish we lived closer to my parents for some grandparent action!
    and i wish i were in warm phoenix instead of bitter cold utah! haha

  2. awww so cute & Ryleigh is a beauiful name:)

  3. Cute pictures! I especially like the one with you in it!