January 21, 2011

Oh No ... the Hair...

I recently (like 6 months ago) had this epiphany.
"If I don't get my hair colored every 6 weeks; I can save almost $1200 a year"

I spend how much coloring my hair????
Granted... I got it done right ladies! No color in the box for my tresses.

So, I went to my gal and told her (nearly in tears)...
that I couldn't see her as often. That I would be limited to cuts/trims only from now on.
She was sad; but we colored my hair as close back to my natural color as we could get it.

Months later... I see why I colored my hair in the first place.
That is NOT a grey I see..... Is it???
It's back to coloring I go. So much for saving money.
Yes... I am that shallow... sorry to have tricked you all.

1 comment:

  1. I had to quit coloring mine too because of the budget - I pull it back in front now to cover the gray.