January 11, 2011

Kara's Phone - January 11

Hey! It's 1-11-11. That's a lot of ones... :)

Here's what's on MY phone this week!
Took Ryleigh to paint pottery last weekend.
This is how hers turned out.

Ryleigh didnt' believe me that sometimes there are two yolks in an egg.
The next day... we got one!

If only everyone had read this book as a child :-)

My Godson, Ethan...
He is pissed because we turned OFF the Food Network.
Now that is my kind of kiddo right there!

(Oh... and Ariana is texting in the background...
when is she NOT texting??? Teenagers...)

Last Thursday, Ari showed up with a gage in her ear.
Super cute... not a big one...
and... I think her mom's gonna be pissed. Silly Girl.

Zach send me this... said it is my new car.
He was super excited that I could put kiddos in the back,
AND he can still use it for work.
Sorry babe... not giving up my car.
I love my car :)

My first attempt at a crocheted hat... Ryleigh LOVED it.
I think my next one will be better... if not,
it's off to finding another hobby to try.

Walked by my fridge this morning and saw that Zach
helped me with my grocery list.....
Do you see the last item?? And how he spelled it?
He's gonna kill me for putting this on here. ;)

So that is what was on my phone this week.
Wanna Play?? Head on over to The Lowe Family News and you can play too!
Head over and check out other phones.

Have a good Tuesday night.
We are bracing for 8 to 10 more inches of snow tonight.
Should be a nice drive to work in the morning.

See Ya~


  1. I love Ryleighs pottery! My girls love to do that too! I totally agree on the book. Your crocheted hat is super cute! That's something that is on my list to learn! :D

  2. The pottery turned out so cute! And the hat rocks - you did an awesome job!

  3. Nice job with the hat! Looks good on her :)

  4. um, totally keep making hats, adorable!!
    and your daughter did awesome with her pottery, very artistic.
    i get a little cranky when my "food" is taken away from me too, any form of food. lol

  5. Very cute hat! I can make huge dresses but not hats. I would be pretty mad if you turned my channel too!

  6. oo thats pretty pottery! they did a good job!
    Speaking politely is super fun lol

  7. Oh man! A double yolker! I've never seen one before!
    Ang xxx