January 3, 2011

First Day Back

After what seemed like a long 4-day weekend; I am back to work.

I returned to find my desk clean, which is never the case (since our janitor is useless and I usually clean it myself).

But I also found this:
52 New Emails, 16 of which are unread from last week
6 Voicemails
18 New Faxes
TONS of insurance certificates to review
Payroll Taxes that need to be done
ZERO Motivation!!

I have returned to work with an obviously large amount of work to complete, but have no desire to do any of it. Why is that?  I know ... I know ...

I would much rather be at home, on my couch, with a good book and some coffee.
Why can't today be yesterday? Why can't the weekend be one day longer?

I need to find my motivation somewhere and today I think it may be residing at Starbucks!
So I am off to get a coffee and some fresh air.
When I get back .. I think I'll tackle those emails.

wish me luck

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