February 3, 2011

Embrace the Camera - February 3

I've been thinking a lot about my siblings lately.
I miss them....

Or maybe, what I really miss... Is being a kid with them.
Here are a couple from back in the day, when our only worry was what kind of cake we wanted for our birthday.
Ah, the simple joys in life.

I loved birthday's, everyone was happy when it was a birthday

Wow... the hair in this one. If that's not embarrassing......

How do I go back there? 
Someone find me Doc and get me a Delorean!

How will you Embrace the Camera today?


  1. All of those pictures are awesome - yes, even the one with the hair!

  2. HAHA love these :) I miss being a kid too.... if you find a way to get back.. pass along your secrets!!!!

  3. I love these pictures of your family. I also think it's amazing how Maci looks like your sister!!!

  4. Hehe! Cute pictures!!! Good times indeed!