April 22, 2011


I know... I know....
I haven't been here all week!
I'm sorry; I've just been busy.

I've had a lot on my plate...
Some of those things currently on my plate include
but are not limited to are:

Dr. Appts
Helping at my Husbands Business
Grocery Shopping
Stopping at Sonic to get Slushes 3 - maybe 4 times :o)
Planning my Niece's 5th Birthday Party
Planning Easter for the kids
Planning Easter Dinner for Sunday
Cleaning my house... cause I just can't stop ;o)
Did I mention Baking??

Anyway... I have been busy and my plate is full...

BUT: I haven't forgotten about my predictions for today.
They are just going to be a little late.

Before I can finish writing that post,
I am getting a massage this morning.
My boss had to go out of town and gave me his appointment.
I think he did it because he feels bad for calling me 'Fatty Patty'...
but that's a whole other story.. for now, I get a massage.
I am so excited, I could really use it.

Anayway, I'll be back in a couple hours with more.
Thanks for standing by...

1 comment:

  1. Just reading your list makes me tired ;) and.... your with child, hehe! Enjoy your massage!!! You deserve it!!!