January 31, 2013

It's OK Thursday

Today is Thursday! So today it's OK to just be OK!

Got back from Vegas late last night. 
Got a huge hug from my baby girl in the airport at Phoenix! 
Thank You Mama and Ari for watching her while we worked. 
You guys rock!

IT'S OK that I ate these desserts while I was in Vegas.
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Right??
Including Calories :-)

IT'S OK that I drank 2 of these! 
Hanging with my girl Kristine! #mamasnightout #vivalasvegas

IT'S OK that I am signing with a vendor at Market just so I could buy this for my house.
I need this in my kitchen. #itshuge #lovemetalart #soperfect

IT'S OK that I sat on this sofa, just so I can say that I did.
#don'tfallasleeponthisone #ouch #divacouch #checkoutthepurplebedbehindit

IT'S OK that I did a Coca-Cola tasting tray by myself.
#killingtime #that'salotofcoke #totaltummyacheafter #soworthit

IT'S OK that I begged the gate agent to give Zach and I an empty seat between us on our flight home late last night. Sleeping baby in the middle. #wishIcouldlaydown #latenight

Don't worry Mamas. We didn't take Zoie to Las Vegas with us. I am NOT that Mama! As I explained HERE. We met my mom in Phoenix and left Zoie with her Nana and Papa. Her big sister Ari even tagged along. They had a great visit. Saw Grandparents, went to the aquarium, visited neighbors, went shopping, and played outside which is something we can't do at home right now. #sofreakingcold

Linking up today with Neely!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

We'll get back on track here tomorrow. After I get unpacked and do all the laundry. #ugh #hatelaundry


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  1. Love the EAT sign!!! And the Coke tasting is so fun!! So wonderful to see you again!!! Thanks again for squeezing me in :) Love you mucho!!